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"...a terrific series, meticulously researched, sharply plotted and sympathetic characters"

Financial Times


Matthew Hall crime writer and novellist

Matthew Hall has written seven novels and one prequel novella in the best-selling and highly acclaimed Jenny Cooper series.

The books have sold around the world and have been translated into over a dozen languages. They have twice been shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association premier award, the Gold Dagger.


Drawing on his background as a criminal barrister and highly experienced screenwriter, Matthew Hall has created the only coroner in literary fiction.


Investigating and solving cases in which the truth has eluded the police and all other authorities, Coroner Jenny Cooper is a bereaved family’s final hope. She is, quite literally, the last word in crime.


The Innocent by Matthew Hall.

The Innocent


The prequel to The Coroner.

Introducing Coroner Jenny Cooper...

We meet Jenny in the thick of her former career as a hard-working family lawyer.


When one of her clients, fourteen-year-old Natasha, dies tragically under the wheels of a train, Jenny finds herself falsely accused of being responsible. Betrayed by her colleagues and pursued by the police, Jenny faces the fight of her life to prevent herself falling victim to a gross injustice.


A gripping, moving short court-room drama, The Innocent is a fantastic introduction to M. R. Hall's Coroner Jenny Cooper crime series.


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Jenny Cooper Series

The Coroner

The Coroner by Matthew Hall.

The first book in the stunning Gold Dagger shortlisted Jenny Cooper series.


When those in power hide the truth, she risks everything to reveal it. Coroner Jenny Cooper investigates...


When lawyer, Jenny Cooper, is appointed Severn Vale District Coroner, she’s hoping for a quiet life and space to recover from a traumatic divorce, but the office she inherits from the recently deceased Harry Marshall contains neglected files hiding dark secrets and a trail of buried evidence.

Could the tragic death in custody of a young boy be linked to the apparent suicide of a teenage prostitute and the fate of Marshall himself? Jenny’s curiosity is aroused. Why was Marshall behaving so strangely before he died? What injustice was he planning to uncover? And what caused his abrupt change of heart?


In the face of powerful and sinister forces determined to keep both the truth hidden and the troublesome coroner in check, Jenny embarks on a lonely and dangerous one-woman crusade for justice which threatens not only her career but also her sanity.

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A brilliant, original and gripping crime novel. I can’t wait for Matthew Hall’s next one!

Sophie Hannah


The Disappeared

The Disappeared by Matthew Hall.

The second gripping novel in the Jenny Cooper series by Matthew Hall


Two young British students, Nazim Jamal and Rafi Hassan vanish without a trace...


The police tell their parents that the boys had been under surveillance, that it was likely they left the country to pursue their dangerous new ideals. Seven years later, Nazim’s grief-stricken mother is still unconvinced. Jenny Cooper is her last hope.


Jenny is finally beginning to settle into her role as Coroner for the Severn Valley; the ghosts of her past that threatened to topple her, banished to the sidelines once more. But as the inquest into Nazim's disappearance gets underway, the stink of corruption and conspiracy becomes clear...

As the pressure from above increases, a code of silence is imposed on the inquest and events begin to spiral out of all control, pushing Jenny to breaking point. For how could she have known that by unravelling the mysteries of the disappeared, she would begin to unearth her own buried secrets?


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Accomplished and challenging...The Disappeared is a gripping tale of a mother’s courage.

The Independent


The Redeemed

The Redeemed by Matthew Hall.

Coroner Jenny Cooper investigates in the third stunning novel in Matthew Hall's crime series


A mystery from the past. A deadly secret in the present.


The body of a dead man is discovered in an overgrown cemetery in Bristol, the sign of the cross gouged into his flesh. At first it seems to coroner Jenny Cooper that all the evidence points to a horrific, if routine, suicide.

Then an enigmatic young priest, Father Lucas Starr, arrives on Jenny’s doorstep, entreating her to hold an inquest into the death of Eva Donaldson, a high profile political campaigner whose past life continued to haunt her. A young man, Paul Craven, has recently been sentenced for Eva’s brutal murder. But despite Craven’s conviction and the evidence against him, Father Lucas is convinced of the man’s innocence.


Jenny’s lone quest for justice will take her to the dark heart of an establishment who wish to silence her, and on an inner journey to confront ghosts that have haunted her for a lifetime. For Jenny Cooper answers to no one but the dead.


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Hall shows with aplomb that a coroner is just as able to become a detective as the forensic pathologists of Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs

Sunday Times Culture


The Flight

The Flight by Matthew Hall

The fourth novel in the Jenny Cooper crime series by Matthew Hall


A tragic accident or a terrible crime? Coroner Jenny Cooper investigates...


When Flight 189 plunges into the Severn Estuary, Coroner Jenny Cooper finds herself handling the case of a lone sailor whose boat appears to have been sunk by the stricken plane, and drawn into the mysterious fate of a ten year-old girl, Amy Patterson, a passenger on 189, whose largely unmarked body is washed up alongside his.

While a massive and highly secretive operation is launched to recover clues from the wreckage, Jenny begins to ask questions the official investigation doesn’t want answered. How could such a high tech plane – virtually impregnable against human error – fail? What linked the high powered passengers who found themselves on this ill-fated flight? And how did Amy Patterson survive the crash, only to perish hours later?


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Fasten your seatbelts for a quality thriller...

The Independent on Sunday


The Chosen Dead

The Chosen Dead by Matthew Hall

In the deepest trust lies the deadliest danger. The fifth novel in the Jenny Cooper crime series by Matthew Hall.


Coroner Jenny Cooper investigates... An unlikely suicide or a deadly conspiracy?


When Bristol Coroner Jenny Cooper investigates the fatal plunge of a man from a motorway bridge, she little suspects that it has any connection with the sudden death of a friend’s thirteen year old daughter from a deadly strain of meningitis. But as Jenny pieces together the dead man’s last days, she’s drawn into a mystery whose dark ripples stretch across continents and back through decades.

In an investigation which will take her into the sinister realms of unbridled human ambition and corrupt scientific endeavour, Jenny is soon forced to risk the love and lives of those closest to her, as a deadly race to uncover the truth begins ...


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It haunts me still – surely there’s no higher praise than that?


The Burning

The Burning by Matthew Hall

From the best selling author of The Coroner and The Flight, another vintage Jenny Cooper thriller.


A family tragedy. A Buried secret. What lies hidden in the flames?


In the depths of a frozen winter, Coroner Jenny Cooper is called to the scene of a devastating house fire that has claimed the lives of Ed Morgan and his two step-daughters in the isolated hamlet of Blackstone Ley.


The police look no further when they discover the message Ed left for his wife, Kelly, telling her that he set the fire as revenge for her infidelity and that she will never find their infant son.

As Jenny digs into Blackstone Ley’s murky past, she uncovers a history that begs more and questions. What provoked Ed’s murderous rage? How might the other, guarded inhabitants of the village have been involved? And what connects the fire with the unsolved disappearance of a four-year-old girl nearly ten years ago?


Finding herself ranged against forces far darker than she could ever have imagined, can Jenny unearth Blackstone Ley’s secrets before more lives are claimed?


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Matthew Hall writes convincingly and compellingly of the difficulties facing anybody who cares to challenge a crushing and often corrupt system in an attempt to establish the truth

Daily Mail


A Life to Kill

A Life to Kill by Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall's most gripping, moving and timely thriller to date.


If they're hiding something, we've got a right to know. We've got a right to know what Kenny died for...


The day they've all been waiting for is at hand. The last British combat soldiers in Helmand are counting the minutes until their departure for home. For their excited families in Highcliffe, it spells the end of an agonising six month wait.


But in the final hours, disaster strikes. Nineteen-year-old Private Pete 'Skippy' Lyons is abducted and the patrol sent out to locate him is ambushed. One killed, two injured. One still missing in action...

Their loved ones are left desperate for answers the Army won't provide. How could Private Lyons have been snatched from a heavily fortified command post? And why are officers trying to disguise what happened during the mission to save him?


Their only hope lies with Coroner Jenny Cooper, who must take on the full might of the military to stop the truth being buried along with the boy soldiers. But in a town filled with secrets and rumours, it's not only the Army that has something to hide.


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...a dark pleasure to read.

Law Society Gazette


Coroner drama series.  Based on the Jenny Cooper Coroner novels by Matthew Hall
Based on the novels by Matthew Hall

Coroner TV Series produced by CBC in Canada


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